Seattle 4th July 2015

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Lake Union, Seattle, WA, 4 July

Seattle city skyline night view

The Washington state city of Seattle is another that has an excellent natural advantage when it comes to holding a 4th July fireworks display, with the situation of the main part of the city on the spectacular Lake Union, which provides an ideal natural focal point for a display that can be viewed form a wide range of regions around the city, although most head for the day-long party in the iconic Gas Works Park that precedes the main event.

You might expect the Seattle Space Needle to be the central feature in any display in this city, and indeed on New Year's Eve that is the case, but for Independence day and the huge crowds it attracts it is felt that the wider shoreline spaces of the Lake provide a more suitable venue.

Event Schedule

There was actually some serious doubts over whether there would be any 4th July fireworks at all in Seattle for 2013, and as recently as April is was thought that the event would be cancelled due to lack of funding.

However, a number of big-name sponsors, including Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon.com  got involved at the 11th hour and put together the required funding to mean the vent can go ahead.

It has been announced that the event will be different from previous years, but the central aspect of the party in Gas Works park followed by 20 minutes of fireworks launched from a barge in Lake Union will remain the same.

The best vantage points are in Gas Works Park itself and the fireworks show is scheduled to start at 10.15pm

One of the best ways to view the fireworks is to take a cruise on Lake Union, and make an evening of it with dinner and champagne, as well as live music before the pyrotechnics:

Seattle 4th July cruise

Live Streaming

The Seattle 4th July fireworks will be broadcast live by local TV station Kiro 7 TV - you can watch this channel online here:

Kiro 7 live stream

There are also a large number of live webcams positioned around Seattle, and looking at the Space Needle in particular, from where you should be able to catch some decent views of the fireworks:

Seattle webcams

Hotels & Accommodation

If you're in Seattle for the 4th July party then it is advisable to book your accommodation as early as you can. You can search for hotels, check availability and make reservations for local hotels here.

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