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Golden Globes 2015

Live Stream, Nominees, Predictions, Date, Tickets

Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA, 11 January, 5pm PST


Golden Globe Awards

This is the event where the movie awards season really start to heat up. Following on from the phony war of the People's Choice and Critics' Choice ceremonies we move onto one of the real big ones, with the Golden Globe Swards being widely regarded as second only to the undisputed heavyweight champion of the division, The Oscars, in terms of desirability and prestige. That's always the way I've regarded the awards hierarchy anyway, I remain available to be corrected!

Dating back to 1944 in a world yet to see the end of the second world was, this year's event is the 70th incarnation of the Golden Globes, an impressive milestone by any standards, and is being held as previously in the plush surroundings of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The hotel is located at the intersection of the iconic Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards, and provides a truly top class location for such a prestigious occasion.

Each of the big awards ceremonies has it's own gong for outstanding achievement, reserved for the very end of the evening, and in this case we have the Cecil B. DeMille award, named for it's very first recipient, the famous director and producer. This year the award will be presented to Woody Allen, someone I have to confess I've never been the biggest fan of, but who certainly has produced some very popular movies over the years, both as actor and director.

Nominations and Predictions


The full nominations and predictions for the 2015 Golden Globes will be posted here.

Streaming & Video


On the night itself, it is becoming increasingly common for the red carpet to be streamed live as all the stars arrive, and this year is no exception, courtesy of E! Online:

Red Carpet live stream

For the main event, NBC is this year's broadcaster and as of yet don't appear to be offering an online viewing option, even for subscribers. There is a detailed video section on their website though, where the main clips from the show should be uploaded shortly afterwards:

Golden Globes on NBC

In Canada the show is being screened live by CTV, which also has an online viewing option, but be aware yuo will need an active subscription to be able to access this:

CTV Live Online

There is also an official Youtube channel which features previews before the show and highlights clips afterwards:

Golden Globes Youtube channel

Hotels & Accommodation


If you're in Beverly Hills for the awards and not staying with the stars at The Hilton then you can search for hotels, check availability and make reservations for local hotels here.



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