Stagecoach 2017

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Empire Polo Club, Indio, California 28-30 April

Stagecoach festival

The festival season in the sunny climes of Southern California is in full swing by the time mid-April arrives, and following hot on the heels of the Coachella festival over the previous two weekends comes it's country cousin, the Stagecoach Music Festival.

I have to confess I'm something of a closet country music fan, think it originates from dozens of long car journeys as a child listening to the parents' old country classics - Perry Como, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette and the like, which brings back plenty of pleasant associations of long endless childhood summers and family holidays. Suffice to say if I was in Indio in April and had to choose between attending Stagecoach and Coachella then this is probably the one I would go for. Don't tell anyone!

Stagecoach has been running for several years and has grown each year since it's debut in 2007 and now attracts over 55,000 visitors, a significant percentage of who choose to bring their RV's and make a weekend of it at the campground. For me this adds massively to the appeal - I'm a big fan of camping and the added comfort of a big old RV just adds to the attraction - can see myself happily enjoying a (vegan of course) barbeque while watching the sunset at the campground before heading off to enjoy the music with a beer or three.

I would especially love to hear reviews from anyone who has been to this one, so if you've been lucky enough to go in the past then please use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know if this festival is as good as we're imagining!

Festival Lineup

Full 2017 Stagecoach festival lineup and set times to follow.

TV & Live Streaming

The Stagecoach festival is one of the last we would have expected to be a pioneer in terms of live streaming, but in previous years, perhaps drawing on the technology made available by the Coachella team, they provided a live online webcast via AXS TV

The Stagecoach Festival 2016 was actually live streamed by Yahoo Music, hopefully they'll be back again this year:

Stagecoach live stream

For a massive range of video coverage from previous years, mostly shot by visitors to the festival, check out the selection on Youtube:

Stagecoach on Youtube

Hotels and Accommodation

Based at the extensive Empire Polo Club the Stagecoach festival encourages camping in much the same way as Coachella, but draws on it's country roots in a way it's sister festival doesn't with a huge influx of RV's to the festival camping site. See the official site for full details: Stagecoach Camping

If you prefer a bit more in the way of home comforts, or need somewhere to stay before or after the festival, then you can search for hotels, check availability and make reservations for local hotels here.

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