Premier League Victory Parade 2017

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Date, location and time tbc

Leicester City

Leicester City winning the Premier League title is very possible the biggest sporting upset in history, and certainly in English football. With a team cheaply assembled from rejects from supposedly bigger clubs, gambles from obscure foreign leagues and career long never had been this small midlands club has astonished the world with a victory that at the start of the season was rated an almost impossible 5000/1.
The beauty of this victory lies not just in the achievement of this one team, or indeed being pleased for their likeable manager Claudio Ranieri, but in the fact that it rewrites the rule book for the whole of English football. No longer do teams have to ceded the title to the self proclaimed premier league elite, no longer is money the prime determining factor in success, after all, if Leicester City can win the league, why can't anyone?
No Leicester City get to return home to parade their victory, an event which promises to be a once in a lifetime celebration for their fans and indeed a whole city. For once the whole country will join in the celebrations, well, except perhaps Spurs fans. You might even get to see Gary Lineker in his pants.

Event Details

 We'll post the date, start time and parade route details here as soon as they are confirmed. We would expect the parade date to be some time after the conclusion of the Premier League season

TV Coverage & Streaming

There is sure to be extensive live coverage of the title parade, both on TV broadcasts and live online streaming, and very probably also the club's official website. We will post links here once we have them.

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