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Everyone loves a good parade surely? a cavalcade of colour and music with costumes, musicians, marching bands, acrobats and all manner of street performers in a popular cultural tradition that can be traced back through the centuries. For all the wonders of modern technology, few things can match the adrenaline buzz of massive public participation.

This section is one of our favourites and covers all those events that get people out of doors in numbers to watch popular public events.

Occasions like New Year's Day, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, St Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are all generally an excuse for a big parade somewhere in the world and we'll be using this page to list some of the biggest ones you can find.

Event Listings

1 Jan London New Year Parade
1 Jan Dublin New Year Parade
1 Jan Mummers Parade, Philadelphia
1 Jan Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena
1 Jan Cotton Bowl Parade, Dallas
1 Jan Junkanoo Parade
31 Jan Hong Kong Chinese New Year Night Parade
5-10 Feb Rio Carnival Samba Parades
8-9 Feb Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
17 Feb Mardi Gras Parade
7 Mar Sydney Mardi Gras Parade
14 Mar  St Patrick's Day Chicago
14 Mar  St Patrick's Day Scranton
15 Mar  St Patrick's Day Boston
15 Mar  St Patrick's Day Philadelphia
15 Mar  St Patrick's Day Washington DC
17 Mar  St Patrick's Day Dublin
17 Mar  St Patrick's Day New York
17 Mar  St Patrick's Day Cleveland
17 Mar  St Patrick's Day Savannah, Georgia
5 Apr New York Easter Parade
26 May  Memorial Day Parade New York
26 May  Memorial Day Parade Washington DC
13 Jun Trooping the Colour
June (exact date tbc) NBA Finals Victory Parade
29 Jun New York Pride March
1-2 Aug Caribana Toronto
2-3 Aug Crop Over Festival, Barbados
11 Aug Grenada Carnival Parade
30-31 Aug Notting Hill Carnival
12 Sept Labour Day Parade New York
15 Sep Paris Techno Parade
12 Oct New York Columbus Day parade
31 Oct Fantasy Fest Florida parade
31 Oct Village Halloween parade, New York City
Date tbc World Series victory parade
26 Nov Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, New York

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