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Mummers Parade 2015

Live Stream, Route, Start Time, Lineup

Philadelphia, PA 1 January, 10am


Mummers Parade Philly

Across the USA it has become an increasingly popular tradition to haul your weary bones out of bed early on New Year's Day and take to the streets to watch (or for the exceptionally hardy, take part in) a New Year Parade. The exact origin of this tradition is uncertain, but ask anyone in the Philadelphia area and they'll tell you in no uncertain terms that their Mummers Parade is the oldest of it's kind in the country.

As to the unusual name, the name Mummer is thought to be of Germanic origin, meaning costume or masquerade. Certainly Mummer's Plays can be traced as far back as medieval times in England, and the word is often seen as being interchangeable with actor or performer.

What is certain is that it's an event well worth attending, a festival of colour, music and entertainment guaranteed to help clear even the muggiest head. A particular feature of the Mummers parade are the clowns, members of local comic clubs named Goodtimers, Landi, Liberty and Murray, and dressing in outrageous costumes, typically featuring brightly coloured umbrellas.

There are a number of other groups of participants (the Mummers that give the parade its title) unique to the Philadelphia parade, namely the Fancies, String Bands and Fancy Brigades, each bringing their own particular brand of entertainment to the party. In total over 10,000 performers take part. The best way to appreciate this is undoubtedly to attend in person, and if you have done so we would love to hear your reviews (see the feedback section at the bottom of this page).

Lineup & Route


The parade route is actually changing for the 2015 parade, the first modifications in several years. This year's parade will begin at City Hall, then travel south down Broad Street to Washington Avenue. This is pretty much a reversal of the previous route, it's obviously been decided that the Philadelphia City Hall represents a more prestigious finishing point!

String Bands Order of March 2014 below, 2015 to follow:

1. Woodland
2. Fralinger
3. Polish American
4. Avalon
5. Ferko
6. Uptown
7. Trilby
8. South Philadelphia
9. Greater Overbrook
10. Aqua
11. Hegeman
12. Quaker City
13. Pennsport
14. Broomall
15. Durning
16. Greater Kensington
17. Duffy

Comics Division

1. Murray
2. Goodtimers
3. Landi


1. Bryson
2. Saints
3. Pirates
4. Cara Liom
5. Oregon
6. O Malley
7. Froggy Carr
8. Riverfront

Fancy Division

1 Hog Island
2. Golden Sunrise

Fancy Brigade Division

1. South Philly Vikings
2. Downtowners
3. Saturnalian
4. Avenuers
5. Shooting Stars
6. Jokers
7. Golden Crown
8. Satin Slipper
9. Clevemore
10. 2nd Street Shooters

Each band will perform a full drill on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway before heading on to City Hall for the parade finale.

Live Stream


For anyone who can't make it in person, the Philadelphia Mummers parade is being streamed live online this year, starting from 10am local time, and running through until around 6pm.

Note: This is still the link for last year's parade - it may be the same this year but if it changes then don't worry we will update it in plenty of time for you to watch online!

PHL Mummers Parade Live Stream

Hotels & Accommodation


If you're in Philadelphia over the New Year period and looking for somewhere to stay, then the town will be busy so make sure you get your booking made as early as possible. You can check out availability and make reservations for local hotels here.



We would love to hear any personal experiences or feedback from the events we feature - if you've been or are going to this parade, please post any of your own comments or reviews in the box below.

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