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Super Bowl parade live

Now this may seem a strange event to include, being non-specific in terms of location and by it's very nature variable in format, but there is just something about the colour and fanfare of a dramatic sporting victory parade that appeals to me, and the Super Bowl parade has to be one of the biggest there is so I would love to be in town to attend one some day.

I think part of the attraction may be that, as a Newcastle United football fan I have been somewhat starved of sporting success, in terms of trophies certainly, although the parade and civic reception that celebrated Kevin Keegan's 1st Division victory back in May 1993 is an occasion I will never forget, so I can certainly identify in particular with those fans who have had to wait a long time for their celebratory party.

For attendance figures, this is obviously also affected by location, but either venue will have some way to go to beat the estimated 1 million who turned up for the parade in New York to celebrate the victory of the NY Giants, although they only had to wait 4 years for that one, so may not have had quite the same level of enthusiasm!

Route and Schedule

The 2 teams contesting the 2015 Super Bowl and the Seattle Seahawks, based at CenturyLink Field in Seattle itself and the New England Patriots, who play their home games at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. So these are the potential venues and locations for the Super Bowl parade this year.

The New England Patriots are this year's Super Bowl champions, after winning a thrilling encounter 28-24 over the Seahawks. They can now look forward to a fantastic Super Bowl parade on their return home - details to follow, most likely on Monday, with Boston almost certain to be the location although there are possible weather complications.

Latest: The parade was initially scheduled for 11am Tuesday 3rd February, but this now appears to have changed, with bad weather making plans harder to put into place. It now seems the parade will in fact take place on Wednesday 4th February, still starting at 11am.
When it does get underway, the parade will start at Boston's iconic Prudential Tower, travel along Boylston then Tremont Street before ending at City Hall. Note thsat due to the freezing weather there won't be a rally at City Hall.

Based on previous years, the Tuesday after the game, the 3rd February this year, is the most likely date for a celebration parade.

We'll post full route, start time and schedule here as soon as we have them.

Live Streaming

There is usually live coverage to be found online as the local TV station will almost always cover the parade and most of these have online streams these days. We'll post any available links here on the day of the parade so please check back then.

Latest: It looks like there will be live streaming provided by CBS Boston:

Super Bowl parade stream

You can keep up with the weather ahead of the parade on this excellent Boston webcam:

Boston live cam

In the meantime, you can always watch coverage of classic Super Bowl victory parades on the ever-reliable Youtube:

Victory Parades on Youtube

Hotels and Accommodation

If you're in the winning location for the Super Bowl parade and looking for somewhere to stay, you can check out availability and make reservations for local hotels here.

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