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I have to admit I'm a big sports fan, as well as something of a fitness fanatic, so these events are some of those I've been to or taken part in over the years, while the rest are just those I love to watch, or perhaps in the case of some of the big marathons have ambitions to take part in some day.

Event Listings

1 Jan Orange Bowl College Football
1 Jan Rose Bowl College Football
2-3 Jan Hakone Ekiden Endurance Race
17 Jan Houston Marathon
18 - 31 Jan Australian Open tennis
24 Jan Miami marathon
31 Jan NFL Pro Bowl
7 Feb NFL Super Bowl
22 Feb Daytona 500
3-8 Mar All England Badminton
10-13 Mar Cheltenham Festival
15 Mar Los Angeles Marathon
13 Mar Rock n Roll USA Marathon (previously National Marathon)
22 Mar Rome Marathon
11 Apr University Boat Race
6 Apr Texas Marathon
12 Apr Paris Marathon
6-12 Apr The Masters Golf
17-19 Apr Long Beach Grand Prix
26 Apr London Marathon
12 Apr Rotterdam Marathon
20 Apr Boston Marathon
2 May Kentucky Derby
3 May Pittsburgh Marathon
17 May Bay to Breakers
24 May Indy 500
24 May - 7 June French Open Tennis
13-14 June Le Mans 24 Hours
16 - 20 June Royal Ascot
29 Jun - 12 Jul Wimbledon
4-26 Jul Tour de France
8 Jul - 24 August The Ashes
13 Sep Great North Run
27 Sep Berlin Marathon
11 Oct Chicago Marathon
13-18 Oct Denmark Open Badminton
18 Oct Amsterdam Marathon
25 Oct Venice Marathon
21-29 Oct World Series Baseball
26 Oct Dublin Marathon
1 Nov New York City Marathon
15 Nov Rock n Roll Las Vegas marathon

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