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Celebrating Parades From All Around the World
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Marching to the Beat of Global Traditions
Parades are always a fun day and a chance to celebrate, remember and make some wonderful memories. We have picked just a selection of the world's parades including where, when and how to join in, whether in person or online.

April 2024

May 2024
Cinco de Mayo
NY Dance Parade
Chicago Memorial Parade
DC Memoria Day Parade
New York Memorial Parade

June 2024
Portland Floral Parade
Trooping the Colour
San Francisco Pride Parade
London Pride Parade
New York City Pride Parade
Chicago Pride Parade

July 2024
Independence Day Parades (See 4th of July)
Madrid Pride Parade
Bastille Day Parade
Crop Over Barbados

August 2024
Grenada Carnival
Street Parade
Notting Hill Carnival

September 2024
Labor Day Parade New York City

October 2024
Columbus Day Parade New York City
Fantasy Fest Parade
World Series Parade
NYC Halloween
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
November 2024
World Series Parade
Veterans Day Parade
Magnificent Mile Parade
Hollywood Christmas Parade
New York Thanksgiving Parade
Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
Chicago Thanksgiving Parade
Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade

December 2024
Toronto Santa Parade

Parades From Around The World.

We do try and keep our listings as up to date as possible, however MyWorldEvents are not liable for any issues arising from booking tickets or travel related to events listed.


We do not assume responsibility for any cancellations, changes, or disruptions to events by their official organizers or any third-party entities.


Visitors of this website are encouraged to verify event details and terms directly with the event organisers before making any bookings or travel arrangements.

We hope that you have an amazing time wherever you choose to go!

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