Comet Ison

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Comet Ison

This the first item we've deemed worthy of inclusion in our "Curious" event category, the kind of catch-all criteria we established to stick anything that doesn't fit easily anywhere else. The story about Comet Ison (C/2012 S1 to his friends) caught my eye when reading the newspaper a few days ago, and it strikes me this is likely to be a very big news story later on in 2013 as the comet draws nearer to Earth and becomes visible. I guess we should really count ourselves lucky that it didn't come close during late 2012 as the combination of this and the Mayan end of days prophecy could really have led to some serious mass hysteria!

At this stage precise information is still a little sketchy and consensus tricky to locate, but there does seem a definite sense that this will be a highly visible comet, with many sources claiming it will be so bright you will even be able to view it during the day. As to when the viewing conditions will be best, 28th November 2013 is a date for your diary as it seems this is when the comet approaches closest to the sun, which it will whirl rapidly around and possibly even become dazzlingly bright in the sky. Exciting, no? For those of you in the US this will be a particularly easy date to remember - it's the day Thanksgiving falls on this year.

I don't really want to delve into too much technical detail as I'm confident I will rapidly betray my ignorance on the subject, but for anyone interested in more detail on the nuts, bolts and technical whatnot of the comet then the Wiki page provides the usual exceptional standard of frequently updated information.

Event Details

We'll be keeping this section updated on any latest news that reaches us about the path and trajectory of Comet Ison, as well as possible sightings and optimum viewing locations.

There's some more information on the projected path of the comet here.

TV & Live Streaming

Obviously it's still a little far away to warrant any online streaming, but I'm guessing as it gets closer there'll be plenty of coverage available, so keep checking back for more info.

In the meantime, there's plenty of noise building about it on our favourite video streaming site:

Comet Ison on Youtube

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