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New Year's Eve is a unique time of year, the one party that is celebrated all around the world with a 24 hour long explosion of light colour and fireworks as the new year follows the international time zones around the globe.
Starting in the remote Pacific Islands, Kiribati is the first recognised country to welcome the new year, then the celebrations come to New Zealand and the famous fireworks in Sydney harbour before traversing Asia to Europe and the huge parties in cities such as Paris, Berlin, London and Rome.
The Americas are the last continents to greet the new year, and in the USA in particular this is a cause for tumultuous celebrations, with the iconic Ball Drop in New York's Times Square followed by huge parties from Chocago to Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
The celebrations don't end there though, new year's day sees a number of further events, with parades in particular a popular way to extend the party, and here the focus is on venues including London with their traditional New Year Parade and of course the famous Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.

Event Listings

31 Dec Sydney New Year Fireworks
31 Dec Times Square Ball Drop Party, New York City
31 Dec New Years Rockin Eve Concert, NYC
1 Jan Philadelphia Mummers Parade
1 Jan London New Year Parade
1 Jan Rome New Year Parade
1 Jan Paris New Year Parade
1 Jan Rose Parade Pasadena
1 Jan Junakoo, Bahamas
1 Jan Vienna New Year Concert

If you don't see the location or event you're looking for listed here, then please visit the dedicated site for new year listings at New Year's Eve Live, which has a full range of parties and events from right around the globe.

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