Sydney New Year Fireworks 2018

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Sydney Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 31 December 2017, 9pm and Midnight

Sydney new year's eve fireworks

The Sydney new year's eve fireworks remain the single most iconic sight of the global new year celebrations, offering a visual spectacle that is beamed around the world throughout the day as the rest of the globe looks forward to their own celebrations still to come.
Sydney harbour provides a perfect stunning backdrop for the pyrotechnics, with the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House offering superb scenery that is recreated in video and photo form millions of times over each year. The actual fireworks display itself continues to grow year on year, with the city striving to outdo itself as each new year's eve comes around, making this an absolutely essential stop on any new year bucket list.

Event Details

There are 2 main fireworks display, the family friendly earlier version at 9pm followed by the main event at midnight. The midnight display lasts around 12 minutes.

In between the 2 fireworks events there is the Harbour of Light Parade, with dozens of brightly lit ships passing across the harbour to provide a fabulous visual spectacle.

Live Stream, TV, Webcams

For TV coverage of the fireworks over Sydney Harbour your best bet is to tune into pretty much any TV news channel as the pictures travel quickly around the world, especially as this is the first real major display and the rest of the globe are still anticipating their own parties. In the UK BBC News and Sky News will most certainly have the Sydney fireworks showing over and over throughout the day, while for the US and international audience the likes of CNN and MSNBC will be your go-to channels.
Aside from watching the online versions of the news channels mentioned above, the Sydney new year fireworks have been streaming live online for several years now and are watched by an audience of millions worldwide. We'll add the link to the live stream webcast feed for new year 2017 right here as soon as we have it.

Latest: watch the Sydney new year fireworks live here:

Sydney NYE live stream
You might also like to check out some of the local webcam views, there are several live streaming cameras in key locations in and around the harbour, offering an excellent alternative perspective on the events of the day, up to and including the fireworks displays: find a list of the best webcam views here:
Sydney new year's eve webcams

Hotels and Accommodation

Sydney is a pretty expensive city to stay in at the best of times, and over the new year I'm afraid it gets just a little crazy, so you can expect to pay a premium wherever you are. There are some relatively better deals to be had by heading a little further out of the city, possibly to Manly of the other northern beaches, you won't need to worry about getting home after the fireworks as public transport runs through the night on new year in Sydney.

You can check availability and make reservations for local hotels here.

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