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Lake Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 12 August

Zurich Street Parade

I have to be honest, up until a few years ago I had very little knowledge of the European trend of the Techno parade, the large scale street parties that take to the streets of several large cities across the course of the summer. Then I remember reading about the tragic problems at the Love parade event in Germany and on further research realised that it wasn't a one-off festival as I had originally suspected, but actually a part of a thriving music scene.

Other large scale techno festivals (the Europeans absolutely love their electronic music - think it might be something to do with the universal language of much of the music, as opposed to more mainstream genres, which tend to be heavily biased to English) that take place are the Lake Parade in Geneva and the Paris Techno Parade, but one of the biggest and most popular by far is the iconic Zurich Street Parade.

The Street Parade started life as a very small event in 1992 and has grown rapidly over the years to the current size, where over a million participants are expected - a massive amount in a relatively small city. The event features a large parade floats, music and street parties throughout the day leading up to the huge techno dance event on the shores of lake Zurich in the evening - definitely a place and event to add to the bucket list.

Festival Lineup

The music of the day takes place across 30 moving stages known as Love Mobiles that tour the city streets throughout the event. In addition to this there are 8 larger fixed stages positioned at key locations on the route - there are:

Bellevue Stage

Arena Stage

Future Sound Stage

Start and Warm-up Stage

Sweet & Sexy Stage

Swiss House Sound Stage

Swiss Innovations Stage

Zurich Sound Stage

For a map of the parade route, including the stage locations:

Street Parade map

With so many different locations and such a long time to cover it would take a long time to provide an exhaustive lineup, especially as the day's schedule tends to be somewhat fluid.

TV & Live Streaming

In common with many of the larger music festivals the range of coverage, both TV and online, has expanded rapidly for the Street Parade in recent years, meaning fans will be almost certain to find somewhere to watch.

There are a couple of excellent options for watching the Street Parade live online this year. Firstly, there is live coverage from the Opera Stage on Bellevueplatz here:

Opera stage live stream

And there is also 3650 degree coverage provided for the first time by TeleZuri - details and online streaming here:

360 degree livestream

For an alternative perspective on the day's events, there are several live webcams positioned around the city which help give a more unique feel of parade day:

Zurich webcams

Hotels and Accommodation

If you're going to Zurich for the Street Parade then it is advisable to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Be aware though that, as with most of Switzerland, Zurich is pretty pricey at the best of times and you're going to pay even more of a premium in mid-August. You can search for hotels, check availability and make reservations for local hotels here.

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