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Times Square live webcam view

Times Square was the obvious place to start with our webcam listings. It's a place I've had a fascination with for a number of years, and since Earthcam started positioning live webcams there several years ago I've been a regular visitor to watch the life buzzing around the place. We actually got to visit Times Square in person on a trip to New York City in 2015 and I can personally vouch for the unique vibe of the place. We visited at different times of the day, and in the evenings, especially over the weekend, the place has an atmosphere all of it's own, a melting pot of faces, cultures and languages crammed into a small space in the centre of such a big city.
We came out of a Broadway show late on Saturday evening, wandered the short walk down to the square, climbed to the top of the iconic red staircase and spent over an hour just soaking in the atmosphere, mesmerised by the flashing lights and streaming videos on the big screens all around us. Although the place was fantastic in the evening, my favourite time of day in Times Square was early in the morning, as the city was just waking up. We headed down there straight after an early breakfast one morning, making our way to the subway station to catch a train down to check our Wall Street and the Freedom Tower, and were struck by the difference form the night time experience. There were street cleaners there and a few people heading off early to work, but for the most part it was quiet and still , with clear blue skies above and crisp clear air as the sun was still just coming up. It was at this time that we took the picture that's at the top of this page; it's one of my favourites from the whole trip.
One regret; in all the excitment of visiting Times Square for the first time we completely forget to seek out the webcam where you can get snapshot of yourself taken to be recorded for posterity, having spent so much time watching other people on there I can't quite believe I forgot. Next time we'll get on there for sure!

Live Webcams

Times Square is probably unique in the amount of live webcams in such a small area, including excellent high-definition live streaming views. The most popular webcam views are:
Street Cam by the tkts booth
South View down Broadway
Crossroads and red staircase
Broadway view
Live Fan Cam
By checking out all of these views you can see Times Square from every angle at any time of the day or night, the closest you're even going to get to being there without visiting in person. And be sure to check out this page on New Year's Eve, when you can get to watch the iconic NYC Ball Drop live! Other times worth checking out are Valentine's Day, where couple come to renew their wedding vows, and St Patrick's Day, where the streets become just one big party.

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