Calle Ocho 2017

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Little Havana, Miami, Florida, 12 March, 10.00am

Calle Ocho festival

Calle Ocho is an internationally renowned festival that takes to the streets of Miami for a full day in March, the party represents the end of the Miami Carnaval which starts the preceding weekend and draws crowds estimated at over a million people out to join the party.
This is a free event, started way back in 1978, with the street festival attracting visitors from across the country, with many even travelling internationally to be part of the celebrations. The party includes plenty of food and drink, street dancing and live entertainment across several stages.

Event Details

The street festival takes place in the Little Havana area of Miami, with 24 blocks of SW 8th Street between 8th and 27th Avenue closed to traffic to accommodate the festivities. Visitors are encouraged to join in with the street dancing, with one of the highlights being a giant conga line.
The event starts at 10am and officially ends by 7pm, although many will choose to continue their celebrations well into the evening.

Live Streaming, Webcams

Calle Ocho has always had pretty good coverage by the local TV and radio stations, but for 2016 it looks like there is a live online stream available too via Connected Live TV on Livestream � the link to the stream is here:
Calle Ocho live stream

There is also an official app for Miami Carnaval this year, featuring all the latest updates from Calle Ocho, helping you to navigate your way to the top stages and live performances:
Calle Ocho app

Hotels and Accommodation

Miami in March is pretty popular with visitors from around the country, drawn by the warmer weather so you're already looking at some fairly high hotesl prices, which makes getting your reservation made in advance even more important, as the whole city will be packed for the Miami Carnaval and Calle Ocho.

You can check availability and make reservations for local hotels here.

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